Your Vision is Our Inspiration

Axiom Design Build was fantastic. Design concepts were out of the park. Hit what we wanted first time out and process for construction, meetings were perfect. Recommendations were focused towards our needs, cost and fit for design.

Would use Axiom over and over again. Staff was wonderful and always a pleasure to work with.

Scott E; Seattle (Wedgewood), WA

We were on the hunt to find a firm to work with on a remodel of our home, and after a lot of conversations, we choose Axiom…and we were very glad we did. John, Heather and the team were great partners, and they helped us learn. They were open to both our feedback/ideas as well as providing excellent input and advice. The design process wasn’t uncomplicated, but that’s because we kept changing our minds, and the Axiom team was happy to accommodate our requests. When it came time for the construction, we were very pleased to have the team who did the design driving the work. The crew, from the lead we had to the regular workers to the subs, were all talented, respectful and a pleasure to deal with. When issues or questions cropped up along the way, the response was timely, if not immediate. And when it came time for the walk through and punch list conversations, it went very smoothly. We had a few issues crop up after the job, all of which were handled just as promised. We’ve even asked them for advice from time to time, which they are happy to provide. We remained thrilled about the renovation work we took on, and regularly remark about how glad we are that we did it. We truly feel like a part of the Axiom family, and when it comes time for the next remodel, we won’t hesitate to call on Axiom. You shouldn’t either…

Lee H; Seattle (Ballard), WA

We contracted with Axiom for a complete house teardown and remodel. The Axiom team took into account our top goals and priorities, to design and build our very unique residence. The designers provided creative and innovative ideas for what became our ultra-modern home. We always knew what we wanted, but we required the guidance and expertise of Axiom to get us there. They met with all of our concerns and questions in a timely manner, and provided a structure of regular meetings to review progress. They maintained flexibility for making changes, while guiding us through some of the most critical decisions. They are experts in their field of exterior and interior design. It is refreshing to know that they are also exceptional at being negotiators, mediators, counselors, facilitators, and can even act as referees. We would highly recommend Axiom for design and build.

Carol K; Seattle (Magnolia), WA

Axiom really helped us update and refresh our vintage house while keeping all the charm intact. Their design team is so creative and their building crew is talented and professional. It was a pleasure to have them around.

Scott S; Seattle (Queen Anne), WA

We worked with Axiom on a total kitchen, bath and bar remodel. This involved gutting the back 1/3 of a 1906 Craftsman with a 1950s kitchen and who knows how many poor prior remodel jobs.

This was a 4 month project that hit lots of unforeseen challenges. Asbestos tile under 3 layers of floor. Subfloor that sloped 6 inches underneath the 3 layers of floor and had to be rebuilt. And once we opened the walls we realized that some prior remodel had removed the support for a 40 foot span – nothing was holding up the back half of the house. The Axiom team worked through all these problems with style and the end result was fantastic.

Eric D; Seattle (Capitol Hill), WA