Finding Creativity through Collaboration

Let's Build Together

Collaborating is at the heart of everything we do. It’s the aspect that gets us most excited about our work, and the quality that allows us to ensure a successful project. We want to connect with our clients, to understand their needs and their vision, and then work together every step of the way to not just meet, but exceed their expectations.

We believe adaptability is one of the greatest qualities we bring to our work. Each project has unique challenges and opportunities, and we make sure to approach every engagement with fresh eyes and open minds.

Continued Growth
When you work in a dynamic and fast-changing industry, being able to keep up is paramount, anticipating where it might go next. Our team’s commitment to professional growth allows us to offer our clients the best of what today, and even tomorrow, will bring.

Why Design Build?
One of the qualities we use as a benchmark for success is an evident sense of cohesion in a project space. We find that cohesion is best achieved when all aspects of the project stem from the same vision and grow out of a creative partnership that spans across disciplines. The benefits go beyond aesthetic harmony: innovation, artistry, and even increased financial efficiency and accountability – nearly every aspect of a project improves through this approach. Keeping it all under one roof. Design build allows a collaborative approach to any project. When multiple skills and experts come together toward a common goal, the outcome is beyond our imagination. Collaboration. Cohesion. Team work. Partnership. It’s what we do.


Our Process

From Vision to Reality

The Design Build Process
Axiom’s unique offering comes from being both a licensed architecture firm and a licensed contractor. This means our teams of architects, designers, project managers, superintendents, carpenters, and specialty contractors team-up to help realize a project’s full potential. When talented people work hand in hand with a shared vision accountability and understanding are increased, and the final outcome more closely adheres to the original design intent.

Architecture & Design
Axiom’s design process typically begins with the initial meeting to conceptualize a project, and ends with a final walk-through after construction.
While our teams are collaborative through the entire design build process, design and construction are approached as separate agreements. Our construction experts are consulted during design to establish budgets as well as assess the impact of a particular jobsite, structural needs, or special conditions that should be considered.

Axiom’s experienced construction team is committed to working with designers and architects, whether outside or within Axiom. The construction process starts with a full set of construction drawings, establishing expectations around quality, budget, and schedule, and evolves with accountability and know how. Typically, clients and their Axiom team meet on site regularly to discuss and review progress, walk-through the site, and ensure collaboration between all parties. Axiom’s team of professionals are experienced working in clients’ homes, with clients’ neighbors, and with building and site inspectors. It’s what we do.

Sample Architecture Process

Where Design Meets Build

  • As-built (remodels)
  • Site Plan (new construction)
  • City / County research related to project
  • Conceptual / Schematic Design
  • Budgeting
  • Design Development
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Budgeting
  • Interior Specifications
  • Permit Drawings
  • Permit Intake
  • Construction Documents